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Long days in the wilderness chasing elk and deer across Colorado, Idaho and Montana makes for a lot of time for a couple of guys to talk and solve the world’s problems. One of those problems was the time and effort needed to constantly move wheel lines. For anyone who has moved a wheel line, you know that they can be a pain to move. It’s not the hardest work in the world, but it takes time and effort. Sometimes it requires waking up at unsightly hours or it pulls you away from another project to move a line. That frustration started the process to try and solve this problem.

The Solution

The solution was born one September night in 2017. We simply thought, “Why can’t we use the water to power and move it?” From that night on, the development and refinement process started and HydroSide Systems was born.

From there, our passion for innovation led to water, energy and labor savings for farmers through our patent-pending HydroSide System. It is the first and only retrofit that automates a wheel line, traveling gun and traveling boom, and can pay for itself in 2 years or less. Our system will increase annual crop yield by more efficiently delivering water while saving significantly on your labor and energy costs. This all means more revenue per acre for the farmer and less headaches over staff management.  


Anchored in Biblical principles and emphasizing humbleness, trust and relationships, HydroSide develops and sells quality, made in the USA, hydroelectric irrigation technologies that provide cost-effective simple solutions for the small to mid-size farm.

Our Values

Upward Focus

We praise God for the gift of running a family business to help others and to honor Him.


New and unique ≠ poor quality. We develop quality, lasting and tough products for our customers.

Honesty & Transparency

We will always give our customers honest feedback and will never hide the 8-ball or unduly upsell for the sake of upselling.

Family Friendly

We are family-owned and treat each other based on the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated – and have some fun too!

Solutions Oriented

We develop flexible and dynamic solutions rather than create problems for our customers.


We always push to make our products better and pursue new innovations around every corner.


Savings can go a long way in business and this is especially true in farming. Despite this, many farmers continue to use labor and resource draining methods to irrigate their crops such as wheel lines, traveling guns and traveling booms. The HydroSide System automates these irrigation methods leading to labor and resource savings for the farmer which means a better bottom line and more money in your pocket at the end of the season. 

Labor Saving

HydroSide Systems’ patent-pending hydroelectric mover have been tested by some of the finest farming operations in the Pacific Northwest and we’re proud to report that in all instances, farmers reported a significant decrease in the labor costs associated with their irrigation operations! 

More efficient water usage

The patent pending HydroSide System saves spending on: labor costs to move your irrigation system; maintenance and fuel costs to run the old school manual gas powered drive units; and, water costs from less efficient watering.

Energy Saver

Depending on your setup, this fully or semi-autonomous system maximizes efficiencies – by using the majority of the existing components of your irrigation system to limit your initial investment costs.

Increases crop yields

HydroSide System increases your yields which means greater harvests and more money in your pocket at the end of the season.

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