HydroSide Announces Release of the Worlds First All-Electric Autonomous Traveling Reel

HydroSide is thrilled to announce the initial release of the World’s First All-Electric & Self-Charging Autonomous Hose Reel! Our patented and award winning Autonomous Reel features precision navigation and fully customizable travel paths never experienced before with hose reel irrigation. Our system will increase your efficiency by up to 70% and reduce your labor costs – resulting in increasing your revenue per acre. Our machines can be used as a one-to-one replacement of a legacy hose reel, to irrigate pivot corners or to finally irrigate that pesky odd shaped acreage that is always a pain and labor intensive. The sky is the limit for HydroSide’s Autonomous Reel.

"This cutting-edge technology allows me the most flexibility and versatility to water areas I wasn't able to get to before in a more economical and sustainable way. This well-made, customizable and efficient heavy-duty machine allows you to avoid obstacles easily in the field and run a variety of irrigation patterns you never thought you could before. The intuitive GPS technology is the time management tool that has saved me labor; most importantly, it gets my crops watered on time and in time when I need it done."

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Our award-winning and patented irrigation systems simplify your wheel lines and automate your hose reels so your crops get the right water at the right time.

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Jeremy McIntyre

VP Purchasing and Sales

Jeremy came to HydroSide after selling his own business, bringing with him experience in project and supply logistics, strategic planning, and customer and equipment service. Jeremy also spent 20 years in forest and agricultural vegetation management. His many skills and experiences make Jeremy a great asset to the HydroSide operations team. Jeremy grew up in Spokane, WA where he currently resides with his wife and their trio of kids. In his free time he enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, and gardening with his family.


Bryan Butcher

Inventory Manager

Bryan brings supply chain experience and machining expertise to the HydroSide team. Bryan’s prior experience includes 8 years in the U.S. Army in Logistics and Documentation Management, over 5 years in manufacturing, and a technical degree in Machining and Technology. When not at his desk, you can find Bryan on the shop floor machining parts as the need arises. Bryan grew up in the Spokane, WA area where he currently resides with his wife and dog Holyfield. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video and board games, fishing, BBQ-ing and spending time with family.


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