7 Commonly Asked Questions about the HydroMover

1. Is there enough battery for the unit to run from one end of a field to the other?

The short answer is, yes and then some! One 60’ set move consumes about 1 amp when you are moving a 1⁄4 mile long wheel line. To run that same wheel line across an entire 40-acre field (deadheading a field as some call it) would consume between 24-30 amps (depending on the terrain). We have 135 amp hour batteries. That means you still have over 100 amp hours of battery life after you deadhead a field. We have moved a 1⁄4 mile wheel line nearly 3000’ with no chargeback and still had battery to spare! Our solar system charges the batteries quickly. One set move of approximately 60’ requires only minutes to top up the batteries. Our system sips on energy compared to the units electrifying the hydraulic movers. The solar panel charges at a max rate of about 3.5 amps which means the batteries will be topped up by the end of a typical day in the summer months after deadheading a field.

2. Do I need new infrastructure or can I use my existing pipe?

The HydroMover is a one-to-one replacement for the existing gas movers. Our movers fit 4″ and 5″ pipes and come with a standard bolt pattern that fits both 6 or 8 bolt patterns. You get to keep your existing infrastructure including pipe, wheels, and sprinklers from your old system. Our system only replaces your mover and is compatible with all-wheel sizes, and most pipe sizes and lengths.

3. How does the HydroMover do in cloudy conditions?

The Solar panels will still work even when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. Rain (and over splash from your irrigation) actually help to keep your panels operating efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt. HydroSide’s test users have measured approximately 1 amp continuously on a cloudy day. So while it is lower than on a sunny day, the unit does still charge even on a cloudy day. Truly, the only way to stop the panel from charging is to physically cover the panel.

4. How far away does the remote control work?

The remote has been tested and will work up to approximately 1 mile with a line of sight. In situations with movers down in a draw or over a hill, the remote has proven to work within a half-mile.

5. Can I buy the full irrigation system pipe, wheels, and the mover-from HydroSide?

HydroSide is unique as a company because we innovated the power units and choose not to manufacture other components such as wheel line pipe and wheel line wheels. Those items would need to be purchased from your local supplier.

6. How does the HydroMover do in hard water?

It does well! One reason for this is that while the line is irrigating, the panel gets water sprayed on it, which makes the glass clear while wet. This allows the panel to charge at a full rate while stationary and watering. If you have hard water, we recommend checking the unit’s solar panel 1-2 times a season to ensure it is not being compromised with heavy mineral build-up. If there is build-up on the unit, fill a bucket with warm water and with a gentle cleaning solution. Green cleaning supplies do a great job on the glass and solar panels. Here’s is a simple non-toxic recipe for glass cleaner: 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid non-abrasive soap or detergent (Dawn dish soap works great!), and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. It is best to clean panels during hours of darkness and low wind to minimize any drying of the cleaning solution on the panel.

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaning sponge or towel to wash the glass. Get the glass as clean and clear as possible – don’t scratch it.
  • Remove remaining water with a high-quality squeegee to avoid hard water mineral build-up.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to dry the edges of the panel.

7. Can I finance a mover?

Yes! The HydroSide mover is the only standalone wheel line mover that can be financed through AgDirect and you can also purchase a unit with terms through Sunshine Ag Supply on 60 months terms with free shipping to boot!

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