Hydro Powered Ag:
Make Your Water Do More

Your water should work for you

Put profit and productivity first with HydroSide Systems, a patent-pending hydroelectric drive and navigation system that revolutionizes traveling agricultural irrigation!

Replace the labor-intensive movers on your wheel lines, traveling guns and boom systems with our expertly-engineered hydroelectric innovation and put water to work for you like never before! The energy created by your water will power our patent-pending electric motor and navigation system. Plus our smart computer-driven functions allow you to set the system to run during your irrigation cycle without the need to refuel, reposition, or reset anything.

The HydroSide system keeps your farm running at peak efficiency, saving you time and money during your growing season.



TNT Farming

Post Falls, ID

“We began testing the HydroSide Systems hydroelectric motor on our wheel line and traveling gun irrigation systems in 2019, and we are quite simply thrilled with the results. We’ve already noticed a demonstrable decrease in our labor and fuel costs and all signs point to improved water efficiency and an increased crop yield. The system is remarkably easy to operate and maintain, and it’s very exciting to be on the cutting-edge of irrigation technology!”


Selecting a Sprinkler Irrigation System

From our friends at North Dakota State University  This article compares and contrasts the four main types of agricultural irrigation: subsurface irrigation, surface or gravity

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