The First Automated Wheel Line Mover Powered By HydroSide

Traditional Wheel Line Irrigation systems are reliable, time tested and put water down slow to get great saturation for your crops. However, they require your already limited time and labor to move between sets.

Now you can make your wheel line irrigation system more effective and environmentally-friendly by pairing it with HydroSide’s patent-pending hydroelectric wheel line mover. Our innovative automation of wheel lines makes for simple, reliable and efficient performance.  

Make your wheel line semi or fully autonomous with one of 3 HydroSide Wheel Mover Options.

Option 1
Full Autonomy: Pair the patent-pending HydroSide System with a hose reel and you can make your wheel line fully autonomous! That’s right…no more changing pipe and no more moving the line across the field at all hours of the day. It will now move itself and ping your phone with an update letting you know when it moves from set to set, maximizing your savings.

Option 2
Semi-Autonomous: Pair the patent-pending HydroSide System with a customizable flexible hose and you can make your wheel line semi-autonomous. That means you may only need to visit the field as few as 5 times for the line to travel across a 40 acre square instead of up to 22 times without the system!

Option 3
Semi-Autonomous: Replace your existing wheel line mover with the patent-pending HydroSide wheel line mover and you no longer have to walk to the middle of the line, fire up the wheel line mover and drive it to the next set. The HydroSide wheel line mover will move itself when you are ready and saves the slog to the middle of the line and driving the mover for each set. 

The HydroSide Advantage

Labor Savings

Energy Savings




Interested In Using HydroSide on your farm?

Be the first farm to use our award winning hydroelectric irrigation system. Units are available for pre-order at a small deposit and the first 25 pre-orders for each system will receive a discount on the final purchase price.
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