How It Works

Cut Costs & Boost Yield with the Hydroside system

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time managing other projects or simply kick up your feet and drink an iced tea while your wheel line, traveling gun or traveling boom moves itself?  Many traveling irrigation systems require constant adjustment and need to be moved at all hours to keep the water flowing. Powered versions exist, but these can be very expensive, and even then require refueling to stay mobile.

When it comes to watering your crops, there is a better solution. 

How It Works

Check back soon to view our in-depth How It Works video! You'll see how HydroSide is improving irrigation and agricultural operations through innovative technology.

HydroSide Installation

HydroSide is a hydroelectric system that can be installed in an existing wheel line, travelling gun, or travelling boom type irrigation sprinklers. It is not a retrofit for existing motor components, but rather a new motor and drive system that replaces other options.

Green Energy Agricultural Irrigation

Once installed, HydroSide’s operation is simple: it uses hydroelectric energy to run, taking the power of the water pressure already supplied by your irrigation line and charging an all-electric drive and motor system to move your system completely hands-free.

With HydroSide’s easy-to-install irrigation motor, you will see improvements across the board:

Enter HydroSide.

Our patent pending traveling irrigation drive and navigation system uses hydroelectric power to move your wheel line, traveling gun and traveling boom irrigators.

The Basics: Water is pumped into the traveling irrigator.  That water will no longer simply push out your impact sprinklers or boom.  It will now power your mover, too!  The water enters HydroSide’s patent pending system charging the electric drive unit via a hydroelectric turbine.  This turbine charges a battery pack which powers the electric motor and navigation system.  Now your water not only irrigates…it also powers and drives your movers! 



Agriculture at any level is an expensive enterprise, so cutting costs wherever you can is essential to your bottom line. Every minute and dollar spent on menial labor, repair work, refueling, and repositioning your irrigation system is one you’ll never get back.

HydroSide Systems believes there’s a better way, and that way is an innovative hydroelectric motor. HydroSide irrigation motors offer a green energy solution, using the water pressure generated by the irrigation system itself to increase your energy savings AND your crop yield at the same time. 

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